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Mudgee Eco Green

In the town of Mudgee, in New South Wales, Australia, there are several businesses that are committed to contributing to eco green practices. These businesses not only care about the environment but also understand the importance of sustainable practices for future generations. Here are some businesses that are contributing to eco green in Mudgee:

1. Mudgee Brewing Co.
Mudgee Brewing Co. is a family-owned brewery that has been committed to reducing their environmental impact. They use solar panels to generate power and have reduced their water usage through the installation of a water recycling plant. In addition to these practices, Mudgee Brewing Co. also sources local ingredients, reducing their carbon footprint. The benefits of these sustainable practices include reduced energy costs and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Mudgee Brewing Co. can be contacted on (02) 6372 6726.

2. Slowfox Wines
Slowfox Wines is a vineyard that has been committed to eco green practices for many years. They use natural farming methods that avoid the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Slowfox Wines also uses composting techniques to enrich their soil, reducing their need for fertilisers. These sustainable practices result in organic grapes that produce high-quality wines with minimal environmental impact. Contact Slowfox Wines on (02) 6372 9060.

3. Mudgee Gulgong Landcare
Mudgee Gulgong Landcare is a community organisation that helps to preserve and restore the natural environment in the Mudgee region. They focus on projects such as planting trees and native vegetation, removing weeds and controlling erosion. The benefits of this work include improved air and water quality, enhancing biodiversity and a more sustainable landscape. To get involved with Mudgee Gulgong Landcare, call them on (02) 6372 7906.

4. Mudgee Honey Haven
Mudgee Honey Haven is a small business that specialises in selling honey that is sourced from local bee populations. Their honey is unprocessed, minimising environmental impacts and preserving the natural goodness of the honey. In addition to this, Mudgee Honey Haven also encourages the planting of flowering plants and trees, essential for the preservation of bee populations. The benefits of these practices include the promotion of biodiversity and the preservation of bees, important pollinators of crops. To contact Mudgee Honey Haven, call them on (02) 6373 3985.

5. Botobolar Wines
Botobolar Wines is a vineyard that has been producing certified organic wines for over 40 years! They have been committed to eco green practices since their inception, using biodynamic farming methods that work in harmony with natural systems. These practices help to maintain soil health, minimise water usage and reduce fertiliser inputs. The benefits of these sustainable practices include the production of high-quality wines with minimal environmental impact. To get in touch with Botobolar Wines, call them on (02) 6373 3840.

There are many businesses in the Mudgee region working towards being more environmentally friendly, the above mentioned are just five examples. It is these businesses, their commitment to sustainable practices, their respect for the environment and a positive environmental impact that will help to ensure our world remains a beautiful place for generations to come.

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